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Adult Tin Man Costumes

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Can you imagine "Jed Clampett" as the Tin Man? Buddy Ebsen, who played Jed, was the first actor cast as the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. But after only ten days of filming he became critically ill from breathing in the powdered aluminum in his silver makeup, and was forced to quit. Jack Haley was then cast, and the makeup artists switched to a different type of silver makeup.


If you want to become the Tin Man, choose one of our Adult Tin Man costumes. We have styles for men and for women, in standard and plus sizes. And we have accessories. Silver boots or shoes. Silver makeup (don't worry, ours won't make you sick). A funnel-shaped hat. An axe. An oil can. And, of course, a heart.


So gear up, and avoid rain, tears, or any other moisture. You don't want your joints to rust solid so you can't move!