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Child Tin Man Costumes

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Did you know that the Tin Woodman had an actual name? In L.Frank Baum's series of books, he started out as a man named Nick Chopper. He had a whole back-story that wasn't told in the classic 1939 movie version. It seems that Nick was in love with a girl named Nimmie Amee, who worked as a servant. Her mistress didn't want to lose her, so persuaded the Witch of the East to prevent Nick and Nimmie's marriage. The witch enchanted Nick's axe, which caused it to chop off his limbs one by one. The resourceful Nick found a tinsmith to replace his lost limbs, and ended up with his entire body--except for a missing heart--made of tin.


If you want to be Dorothy's most sentimental friend, check out our collection of Child Tin Man Costumes. We have styles for boys and for girls, in sizes from toddler to teen. But just the costume isn't enough. You need an axe, an oil can, and a heart. We can help with those. Just look at our accessories.


Then all you need to do is learn the song "If I Only Had A Heart," and you're ready to dance down the Yellow Brick Road!