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Blue / White Striped Stockings

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Blue / White Striped Stockings
Blue / White Striped Stockings
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  • Blue / White Striped Stockings
  • 53% Nylon 47% Polyester
  • Dark blue and white striped socks

So you want to sail the seven seas but you don't want to be confused for one of those scurvy dogs at sea, pillaging harbor towns and committing horrible acts of piracy...some that would even be considered treason. Being labeled as a pirate would just be awful for your reputation as a brave explorer and just plain insulting towards your integrity! To make sure there is no mistake in your identity make sure to dress the part of a respected sailor!

Since most pirates wear mixes of blacks and reds all you need to do is add some more white and blue to your look! Try adding these Blue and White Striped Stockings! They hold both of the primary colors in a sailor's traditional uniform so they will be a great start for establishing the difference between yourself and the scum of the sea. Find a sailor's hat and a few more accessories that will set you apart from the pirates at sea and you'll be good to set sail!

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