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Discorama Mama Wig

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Discorama Mama Wig
Discorama Mama Wig
Product Information

Items Included
  • Discorama mama wig
  • 100% synthetic fibers
  • Long feathered red hairstyle

The volume of your hair will be Stayin’ Alive, in this Discorama Mama Wig!

The 70s were a groovy time, what with the disco balls, go-go boots, brightly colored jumpsuits, and of course, the hair! Who can forget the voluptuous volume of the feathered curls women donned in those crazy times? That’s right, no one. And we promise you that no one will forget your presence at the disco when you are wearing this Discorama Mama Wig!

Discorama mama. It's fun to say. Just try saying it a few times. Now imagine everyone calling you a discorama mama after you have a 70's hairstyle like the one provided with this redhead wig. Did you get goosebumps? The heebie-jeebies? Or should we say the hee Bee-Gee bies? Just make sure not to come down with the Saturday Night Fever, not that it’s a bad thing!

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