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One minute, you're deilvering a Panucci's Pizza to I.C. Weiner at some cryogenics lab and the next, you're waking up 1000 years in the future, with a drinking, smoking bender unit for a best friend, who, on more than one occassion, tries to steal your blood. Of course, the actual chances of something like that happening to you are slim to none, but that doesn't mean you have to be stuck here in the present when you could be living it up in the future, working for Planet Express.

Being a part of Professor Farnsworth's crew isn't that hard with the right costume. Whether you want to be Philip J. Fry, delivery boy extraordinaire, or Turanga Leela, the depth perceptionally challenged, but fearless, pilot, you'll find your outfit here. Or maybe you've always liked the idea of being called a doctor, but never really had any medical skills? Dr. Zoidberg knows as much about human anatomy as you'd expect an alien lobster man to know about it. Or maybe you like to bend girders and cook salty meals that can kill? Then you can assume the role of Bender!