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Mad Hatter Eyebrows

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Mad Hatter Eyebrows
Mad Hatter Eyebrows
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Product Information

Items Included
  • Licensed Mad Hatter Eyebrows
  • Made of 100% synthetic hair
  • Orange
  • Self adhesive
  • Apply w/ spirit gum for reuse (sold separately)

There are a number of mysterious critters that come to live in our warehouses. We suspect that they are usually attracted to the increasing number of magically animated dolls. (At least, we hope they are magically animated, because haunted dolls are serious trouble.) Generally speaking, we have a monthly “chase out the critters” party where the staff grab large brooms and we open the back doors and politely encourage the tiny monsters to go on their merry way. There are always a few, however, that either refuse to leave or, even better, create a sort of symbiotic benefit for us all.

Among these little critters are these adorable fluffier-than-you-can-imagine orange caterpillar creatures that desperately desire to live on your forehead. While there, they promise to make you look like you have some truly crazed eyebrows that will impress and possibly frighten everyone you see. Join them with a particularly giant hat, similar fluffy orange hair, and perhaps the right insane outfit and you’ll look absolutely Mad in no time. Warning: You may encounter a number of wondrously weird creatures and have a preoccupation towards tea parties.

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