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Tron Costumes

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It's about time for a costume from the future! Wouldn't it be cool to go on an adventure in the Grid with Sam Flynn; you'd be experiencing a whole digital world to explore with cool neon blue lights and super fast disks flying through the air. You may not be able to manipulate the reality of this world ( or the digital world) but you can sure try your best! At least, you don't have to worry about being destroyed in the Light Cycle match or getting stuck in the grid forever! 

Enter the Grid from the movie,  Tron: Legacy,  this Halloween with our collection of licensed Tron costumes!  We carry a deluxe adult mens Tron costume so that you can step into the shoes of Sam Flynn and defeat CLU once and for all! Kids, don't worry, we sell  the same costume for you! Ladies, you can be the fierce and fiesty Quorra, the last of the ISOs in our adult costume for women. Make sure to grab an identity disk before you head out on your high tech adventure!

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