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Fans of the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World franchise are going to love our Jurassic Park costume options! We feature Jurassic Park Halloween costumes for all your favorite characters from the movies. We sell an inflatable T-Rex costume and a velociraptor costume so you can roleplay as the famous dinosaurs from the franchise, too!
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If you're considering a Jurassic Park costume for Halloween, you'd be looking at costumes for one of the most successful movie franchises of all time! The original Jurassic Park made a huge impact on the movie world in 1993. It entertained millions of fans around the world in theaters and inspired kiddos everywhere to become obsessed with dinosaurs. Admittedly, the film may have caused a few nightmares, too, but it has been hugely influential on pop culture. Two Jurassic Park sequels followed the original, and a new trilogy was launched in 2015 with 3 wildly successful Jurassic World entries. There have been plenty of toys, video games, and comic books added to the franchise along the way, but Jurassic Park Halloween costumes are perhaps the most fun way to celebrate the movies!

While the sequels and Jurassic World movies have been very popular, the original Jurassic Park is the film most celebrated by fans. Folks obsessed with that movie have been cosplaying as the film's characters for years. We took notice and were very proud to team up with Universal Studios to produce officially licensed Jurassic Park costumes. We feature styles for some of the most iconic characters from the movie, and each of the exclusive outfits is an accurate costume replica of the clothing worn by that character in the film! You'll find our Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler costume to be great as a couple's costume, or you could wear a Dennis Nedry costume to roleplay as the villain. We also feature a John Hammond costume and a Jurassic park Worker costume. The worker costume even has tears on the sleeve to make it look like you've survived a velociraptor attack!

While the human heroes are great, in reality the dinosaurs have always been the star of the show when it comes to Jurassic Park movies. And, if you have your sights set on roleplaying as one of the fearsome beasts featured in those films, you've found the right shopping spot. Because we have a huge selection of exclusive dinosaur costumes! When you look at our Made By Us dino outfits, you'll find lots of fun, plush jumpsuits that represent many of the dinosaurs featured in the movies. We feature a wide assortment of T-Rex costumes and velociraptor costumes, but we have suits for the other notable dinos seen on the screen as well. Check out our Dilophosaurus costume and Spinosaurus costume to see some of the top-selling options.

Bar none, inflatable T-Rex costumes have been the most popular Halloween costumes inspired by Jurassic World. And we feature several styles of that iconic costume in sizes for both kids and adults! The inflatable costume craze has extended to cover other dinosaur species, too, and by shopping our site, you'll see that we have several great styles for sale. We feature inflatable Velociraptor costumes, a Triceratops costume, and even an inflatable Pteranodon costume for faux dinosaur flying! One of the newest costume styles available is adaptive Jurassic Park costumes for kids. These outfits offer unique designs for children of differing needs and abilities. Our top options include an adaptive t-Rex costume as well as a Jurassic World wheelchair cover costume. Monster