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Wednesday Addams might be full of woe but that doesn't mean you and your family won't be in love with these Addam's Family Wednesday costumes. Bring out the dark-minded and quirky-souled character in your own heart when you slip into the classic black coat and braided pigtails thanks to these Wednesday costumes and wigs.
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Addams Family Wednesday Adult Costume
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We're pretty sure that anytime someone pictures a gal who is creepy, just a hint sinister, and still lovable as heck, they have to picture the iconic character from the Addam's Family: Wednesday Addams. There's something pretty captivating about a girl who you could swear has to be a vampire, witch, or something vaguely supernatural. But, in spite of her appearance and noteworthy skill with the macabre, Wednesday is a perfectly normal young woman! (Just don't tell her we said that.) Whether you think she's got something mysterious up her sleeves or just love her for her uniquely Wednesday ways, you will love leaping into the fun with our collection of Wednesday costumes. 

To help you get into character, let's look at exactly who this wondrous weirdo is! Wednesday started as a comic strip character who had no name. She and the rest of her family were stars of a New Yorker comic strip for years until they graduated to the television screen in 1964. Charles Addams named her after the nursery rhyme "Wednesday's child is full of woe" even though she started out as a rather good-natured gal! She danced with her gigantic butler friend and raised spiders to be friendly. Okay, sure, her favorite toys were headless dolls, but that doesn't mean she wasn't delightful! 

As the series aged and became a collection of fantastic movies, Wednesday quickly turned into the gal obsessed with death (and torture experiments on her brother). She aspired to be just like her witch ancestors and had a love of arson that really had spectators looking over their shoulders. No wonder she's so much fun and popular when it gets close to Halloween!

If you'd like to bring Wednesday to life, look no further than these Wednesday Addams Halloween costumes. We carry plenty of styles. Start with the original series look with a simple black tunic. This is a Wednesday Addams costume kids will love. You can get a little more sophisticated with a button-down and printed look that will let you channel your inner sexy Wednesday Adams costume look, too! After all, the mystery of the macabre is always pretty compelling. 

Touch up your Wednesday look with our collection of Wednesday Addams costume makeup. You'll be looking for a pale face and darker eyeshadow and brows. What better way to master the stern and intimidating glower that Wednesday is so good at!? We have officially licensed Wednesday Addams wigs to ensure that your braided pigtails are in perfect style. Add a pair of pointed, witchy shoes or lace-up thigh boots and you're ready to haunt the neighborhood with your comic mischief! (Just stay away from Camp Chippewa.) Monster