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Ready for a trip to a galaxy far, far away? We're happy to help get you there with our amazing selection of Star Wars Halloween costumes! We've got the gear to help you become your favorite character, whether that's a Rey Star Wars costume, a furry Chewbacca suit, or even a Darth Vader mask and helmet! Shop them all right here to see the most popular Star Wars outfits.
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1 - 60 of 247
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Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume
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Mandalorian Beskar Armor Child Costume
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Mandalorian Beskar Armor Men's Costume
Toddler Yoda Costume
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Women's Princess Leia Costume
Adult Han Solo Grand Heritage Costume
Deluxe Child Jedi Costume
Realistic Stormtrooper Costume
Adult Sith Robe
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Qui-Gon Jinn Costume

The Star Wars saga pretty much stands alone as the zenith of movie pop culture. (Which means it's the perfect selection for costume fun!) That's right, you've watched every Star Wars movie there is, you've caught up on the cartoons, and even streamed the new series The Mandalorian. So, it's a logical next step in the evolution of your fandom to suit up in a Star Wars costume for Halloween. But now, of course, comes the hard part. Which costume are you going to choose?

For fans of the original trilogy, there's no shortage of awesome Star Wars costume ideas. We're sure there's plenty of folks who'd love to be Luke Skywalker brandishing a lightsaber, the rough around the edges Han Solo, the smooth criminal Lando Calrissian, or the warrior princess Leia. And, the good news is, we've got character costumes for all of them! We're sure you'll be super satisfied with any of our classic Star Wars costumes. We're fully stocked with Star Wars outfits for each of the original heroes, with choices ranging from budget selections to cosplay costumes. And, if you're looking to round out your band of rebels, be sure to check out our Chewbacca costumes and our C3PO and R2D2 costumes as well. They're great choices for children, and a perfect way to turn your whole family into the cast of Star Wars characters!

Of course, it also goes without saying, not everyone is looking to channel the light side of the force. If you find yourself intrigued by the power of the dark side, then you'll be pleased to know we've got lots of Darth Vader costumes, too. From our Deluxe Darth Vader to authentic recreations like the collectors' Supreme Edition, you'll be able to pick out a Darth Vader suit and mask that's perfectly suited to your plans. You'll want to grab a red lightsaber, of course, and if you've got some buddies, well, we better get them in Sith costumes, too! Suit your pals up in Stormtrooper costumes or in the red suits of the Imperial Guard, and your gang will be able to set out in service of the Empire. We've even got Boba Fett costumes, too, if you want to add a Mandalorian bounty hunter to the gang!

Fans of the Star Wars sequel series will be pleased to know that we've got all of the top-selling official Star Wars costumes from the new movies as well. JJ Abrams infused a ton of vigor into the Star Wars universe with The Force Awakens, and continued the fun through The Rise of Skywalker closing out the 9 episode saga. And you can tap into the force by choosing an authentic Star Wars costume for one of the new heroes! A Rey costume is the perfect choice for women and girls who are ready to kick butt. Of course, she's going to need some help to save the day, so you might as well recruit some friends to suit up as Finn and Poe Dameron, too. Dark Side devotees can suit up as Kylo Ren with his wicked crossguard lightsaber weapon, and to round out the cast of characters, be sure to suit one of your group members in a BB-8 costume. Because you're definitely going to want to have that spunky droid around for a night of costume fun!

As Star Wars continues in the Disney era, you can be sure that there's going to be lots of new and exciting Star Wars dress-up costume choices from all the latest installments. Whether you want to get suited up in Mandalorian armor or would like to go as Ewan McGregor's Ben Kenobi, you can be assured that we'll continue to be your top spot for new Star Wars costumes as soon as they're available. With HalloweenCostumes backing you up, the force will be with you on all of your costume adventures! Monster