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Sleeping Beauty Costumes

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Disney's 1959 Sleeping Beauty was a box-office disappointment when it was first released. In the years since, however, it has become one of the most beloved animated films ever. It has rich, stylized art and a lush musical score, based on Tchaikovsky's 1890 ballet of the same name. 

You know the story. It's about a princess whose birth was long awaited by her parents, King Stefan and Queen Leah. At her christening, three fairies (there were seven in the original fairy tale) come to bestow blessings on the infant. A fourth fairy, the evil Maleficent, arrives and places a curse on the princess after only two of the blessings had been given. So the third good fairy, Merryweather, uses her blessing to weaken the curse. The princess will not die, as Maleficent wanted; she will only fall into a deep sleep. The kiss of true love will awaken her. So she is named Aurora, which means "dawn" in Latin. It's ironic that the title character is only on screen for about 17 minutes out of the 75-minute film. 

Aurora grows up with the gifts of beauty and song given to her by Flora and Fauna, but eventually Maleficent's curse comes to pass. The princess pricks her finger on a spindle and falls into the deep sleep that was foretold. Prince Phillip has to overcome several obstacles to reach the castle and awaken Sleeping Beauty. Of course, since this is a fairy tale, everyone then lives happily ever after. 

If you enjoy your sleep but dream of waking from it by true love's kiss, you may want to become Aurora. We have licensed costumes that let you do that, in sizes from infant to women's plus. If you don't want to sleep through the action but would rather create it, you could be Maleficent. We have adult and child versions of that evil fairy. Men don't need to feel left out. We have costumes that let you become a royal prince. You can wield the Sword of Truth that defeats Maleficent at the end. Visions may be seldom what they seem, but you'll love wearing one of these costumes when you take a walk once upon a dream! Monster