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Bat Costumes

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We love bats, so we've decided to roll with it and keep with the holiday tradition. That's why we've gathered up tons of different bat costumes for you to choose from! From sexy (that's right, we've got sexy bat costumes here) to scary, you can find a large variety of bat costumes here. It'll be pretty clear why bats are still number one when you show up wearing one of these costumes.
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Women's Black Spandex Catsuit
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Women's Midnight Bat Costume
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Women's Deluxe Bat Costume
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Plus Fleece Bat Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Plus Size Deluxe Bat Costume
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Adult Black Webbed Gloves
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Basic Black Bodysuit
Sale - 55%
Women's Black Metallic Sheen Leggings
Sale - 50%
Moonlight Bat Costume
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Bat Costumes for Kids & Adults

What’s the best nighttime creature? Bats of course! The flapping terrors at night, bats are symbolic at Halloween especially. Some folks are terrified by bats and others have an obsession for bats. Whether you have a fascination for English bats or find YouTube videos just adorable, we’re here to help you become a bat for Halloween! 

This is your ticket to an unforgettable costume. Looking for way to get facts about bat costumes? Well, you came to the right place for a pretty awesome costume at the 11th hour. Chances are you’ll want to combine your costume with movable wings or to make a costume with an eerie makeup that will make putting on your Halloween costume exceptional fun. We have costumes for bats of the highest quality so you can be the cutest bat on the block. Be a bat sidekick for a superhero or dress like bats in the belfry together. Why do our bat costumes at make for a great Halloween costume? Bats are cute little animals that fly around and make the season special, of course!  

Did you love bats as a child or do you have a kiddo that already loves them? Well, we have bat costumes for kids that will let them take flight when they grab on the wings to the bat costume they love. We also have cozy bat adult costume sizes since we know a bat costume is sure to be both comfortable and spooky. That’s because this diverse selection of costumes and accessories are ready to put you in touch with your inner bat. Become a vampire with these bat costumes or focus on becoming a powerful female with the characteristic costume from the Munsters. Act fast on this top adult bat costume and you’ll be ready to take to the night. (And just think of the compliments on the costume you’re bound to get.)  

Folks might not always think of the fun of a good snuggle with a bat. But with a dog bat costume, bat wings, vampire wings with a cozy bat pet costume, you can make your pet turn to bat or vampire style in a snap! Toss on this awesome fleece bat costume yourself and you’ll be a creature of the night, too. Take a look through our Bat costumes category and find the creature of the night you love!