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Animals, the encyclopedia defines them as multicellular heterotroph organisms. We're not entirely sure what all that means, but we do know that cats, dogs, lions, tigers and bears are pretty cool. They're all animals and deep down, so are you. Everyone has a little bit of animal (and we're not just saying that because humans are technically animals). It's time you cut that inner animal loose at your next party.

When you finally decide to get in touch with your inner animal, making the decision of what animal best represents your inner desires. Do you have the laid back approach of a bear, or are you as sly as an alley cat? Are you loyal like a dog or are you proud like an eagle? Or do you just want to make a pig of yourself like our porcine pals? Whichever animal best reflects your personailty, we've got the perfect costume for you.

Available in sizes for adults, kids and infants, with styles ranging from sexy to adorable, you won't find a better selection of costumes elsewhere. Not only that, but you can find a great selection of animal themed hats, leggings and other accessories to fill your animal ferocities.

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