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If you're looking for an army costume, look no further! Our huge selection of military Halloween costumes will have you suited up like a recruit in no time. We have all the branches from army and navy costumes to airforce costume flight suits that will make you feel ready at a moment's notice. You can even find vintage military costumes perfect for pin-up photoshoots and vintage couples costumes.
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"Okay recruits! It's time to complete the obstacle course which will test your body's physical fitness and endurance. There will be a 12-foot wall you have to pull yourself up on with a rope and you and your fellow recruits have to pull a truck to the finish line. It's all about team work! Do you understand me? Now line up, it's time for the obstacle course to begin!"

Hold on just a moment there! If you are going to complete the obstacle course and be a member of the US Army you need to look the part. It's important that all soldiers look uniform and need a uniform. We at Halloween Costumes can help you out there! Now you can "Be all that you can be" with our selection of army costumes and accessories that will make you look like a real recruit! Our selection of uniform costumes is always growing, so whether you want to capture the look of a real American soldier, or just show your support for the troops, we can have you looking All-American. Women can represent their country with a vintage army costume or even one of our sexy military costumes that feature short skirts and plenty of camo prints. You'll have to tell your fellow male cadets, "at ease, soldiers!" We have a soldier costume for anyone looking to support the troops in any one of our Army Halloween costumes.