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Clone Trooper Rex Costumes

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While most of the clones serving in the Grand Army of the Republic were pretty generic (they were clones after all) there was one commander who we got to know pretty well in The Clone Wars animated series. CC-7567, known as Rex, was a trooper captain who served with General Skywalker in many important Clone Wars Battles. Rex commanded the 501st Legion and demonstrated a lot of personality for a clone.
Tough and independent, but loyal at all costs, Clone Trooper Rex was an admirable soldier. If you think you could handle leading a battalion of clones, why not try a turn as the famous captain? We've got some great Rex costumes in child and adult sizes. Our infant/toddler version is a hilarious brand of cute and will be perfect for a clone in training. Round up a whole group and you can portray the entire 501st!