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Fairy Costumes

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Fairies appear in much of European, particularly Celtic, folklore. Over centuries they have taken many forms, and been described in many ways. Sometimes they're friendly and helpful. Other times they're mischievous or even evil. Most of the time they're pleasing to look at, but sometimes they're hideous. Though in modern pop culture they're almost always shown with wings, in the early folk tales they weren't. Folkloric fairies could fly, but they did it by magic--not with physical wings.


Many pop-culture characters are fairies. Who hasn't heard of Tinker Bell in Peter Pan? But she's not alone. There's the Winx Club. There's Pinocchio's Blue Fairy. There are the three good fairies who raise Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. And many more. We have fairy costumes for adults and for kids that let you become any of these characters. Or you can create your own fairy character.


Whichever route you choose to take,  don't forget the accessories. Wings. Pointed ear tips. Glittery makeup. Floral wreath crowns. Magic wands. Sparkly shoes. In short, anything you need to make a magical transformation. Monster