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Halloween streets might show kids dressed up as adorable cartoon puppies or ice cream cones. But always, always remember what this holiday is about. It's all about the fear! So get on board this spook train and browse through all of our awesomely scary costumes. We have everything you could hope for in a scary Halloween costume from zombie brides to dastardly devils to nightmare-inducing clowns. Embrace the season and spread the fear this year!
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Alien Dog Costume
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Pet Ghost Face Costume
IT Pennywise Pet Costume
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Freddy Krueger Pet Costume
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Grim Reaper Dog Costume
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Evil Clown Pet Costume
Voodoo Doll Pet Costume
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Unidentified Flying Dog Costume
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Frankenpup Dog Costume
Pumpkin Pals Pet Squeaky Toy
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Ghost Squeaky Dog Toy
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Werewolf Pet Costume
Coming Soon
Devil Pet Costume
Out of Stock

Sure, Halloween can be all about the laughs, cheap thrills, and copious mountains of candy corn, but we think there's another way. Perhaps it's a more classic, traditional way, but no matter: we think Halloween is meant to be SCARY. That's right, you're supposed to scream, shiver, and otherwise nervously sweat your way through the entire night, and we're here to help inspire scary costume ideas and memorable terror with our huge and frighteningly awesome selection of scary Halloween costumes. Whether you're young or old we have scary costumes for kids and adults, some are classic nostalgic items like a wolfman or frankenstein, and others are full of blood and gore that will chill any spectator to the bone. We have creepy costumes that will leave everyone around you in shivers and quakes! So, if you're looking to make this holiday the scariest most terrifying night of the year, you've come to the right place because we have so many costumes to choose from... it's scary! Monster