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Tangled Costumes

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If you love the tangled story of a kidnapped princess with magical hair, then you'll want one of our Tangled costumes. Disney's 2010 animated feature combined the hand-drawn look of early animation with the newest computer-generated imagery. They had to create new software and techniques. The existing ones couldn't give the effects they wanted. Those effects garnered many award nominations and made the film a box-office hit. 

Become the princess raised in isolation by Mother Gothel. The catch is, you don't know that you're a princess. You also don't know that your long hair has healing power from the plant your mother craved before your birth, for which you were named. What? Your own hair isn't blonde or long enough? No problem! Get one of our Rapunzel wigs. They come in both adult and child sizes. Then choose one of our licensed costumes, in either adult or child size, and set off on an adventure with Flynn!

You'll have to furnish your own tower and floating lanterns.