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Check out these great witch costume ideas for the best witch Halloween costumes and dresses! From Hermione Granger to a wicked witch, we have just what you need for casting spells and riding your broom into the sky! We have cute witch costumes for girls and even sexy witch costumes for women! We also carry your favorite Hocus Pocus costumes of the three Salem sisters!
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Purple Witch Pet Costume

Purple Witch Pet Costume


It's Halloween night. The wind is howling. The moon is full. Who wants to dress like a movie star when this is obviously a night for witches? Good witch costumes should make you feel powerful like you have what it takes to brew a life-changing potion or cast a spell on evil-doers. That wide-brimmed conical hat goes a long way to make that happen. But if you're serious about picking the right one out of all of our witch Halloween costumes, keep reading and you're sure to find the perfect one for your magical sensibilities!

The children's witch costumes are a great way to get any kid in the mood for Halloween. You can be sure your child will want to wear her magical get-up in the weeks leading up to the main event so be sure and order early and pick a costume that'll withstand playtime. Our Made By Us Child Witch costumes are a great way to go, in this case. Kid's can pick from the classic black wicked witch costume or a mystical witch dress with draping sleeves, perfect for riding a broom by moonlight.

Looking for something a little... cuter? Oh, we have that too! Toddler girl witch costumes include plenty of spin-worthy tully dresses in a range of colors that are perfect for Halloween. Scary? Not a bit. Scary adorable. Certainly! 

Speaking of kids, those adults that are handing out Halloween candy might be looking for the perfect costume that toes the line between frightening and delightful! If that's the case then Sleeping Beauty or Snow White witch costumes might be for you! A Maleficent costume with her horns and cape might technically be a fairy but she certainly has a witchy presence at any party. Or you could pair a hag costume with a shiny apple and create Snow White's witch. Either one is instantly recognizable!

Halloween witch costumes are a favorite for reveler and wearer alike! There's no doubt you're in the spirit of the season when you're wearing any of our scary witch costumes (or sexy witch costumes, now that we think of it!) The best part is, they can be great in any weather! If you're expecting cold weather, choose a witch costume with a long heavy skirt and long sleeves. Pair that with cut-off gloves, a long wig to help cover your ears, and an old ratty shawl. Next, pull that conical hat on tight and wind a scarf around the brim to keep the wind from blowing it away. Now you're suited up for the festivities and the weather! Celebrating in warm weather? Well, the solution is easier for you! Simply choose a witch costume with a shorter skirt and short sleeves and you're good to go. You, warm weather people, are so much simpler to please!

From teenage witch costumes that look like they're straight from your favorite television shows to colorful costumes perfect for your toddlers first trick-or-treating trip around the neighborhood, we have witch costumes for people of all sizes and styles. Just remember to tag us in any photos of you stirring up magic on Instagram and we'll gladly feature you on your costume's page!