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Paramount Pictures Costumes

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Picture yourself sitting in a cool theater, waiting for the film to begin. The previews have just ended, faded to black, and up comes a familiar sight: a bright and shining mountain peak with a blue sky and lingering clouds in the background. We zoom in closer towards the mountain while stars come in and hover above the peak, and finally we see the Paramount Pictures logo. When you see this in front of a film, you just know you're in for a true cinematic experience.

Paramount is responsible for some of your favorite films and its iconic characters. Have you ever wanted to sit on a park bench reminiscing about your amazing life as Forrest Gump? Or sing and dance with the rest of Rydell High as Danny or Sandy from Grease? Become king of the Ring as Nacho Libre? Win the big Disco competition as Tony from Saturday Night Fever? With our officially licensed Parmount Pictures costumes it's possible! All your Paramount Pictures favorites are now yours to experience!