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Edward Scissorhands Costumes

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Do you remember the story about a boy with a gentle soul and a pair of scissor hands? This Tim Burton film starring Johnny Depp as Edward is a cautionary tale of what happens when people latch onto another's differences and use them as an excuse to see them as faulty or bad. While it eventually becomes apparent that it's the “normal” ones who are actually vulgar, this revelation doesn't come in time to prevent their accusations from doing a lot of damage.

If you can identify with being the misunderstood outcast played by Depp, or are a fan of this great movie, then an Edward Scissorhands costume might be just the thing for you. During the movie Edward remarked that he was unfinished, and several people offered to set him up with a doctor who could help him. But we think when you try on your costume and put on the scissor hand gloves, you'll think he was complete as is.