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Halloween Decorations

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Halloween is a BIG deal around your house. The entire neighborhood looks to you for Halloween decoration ideas, because you’ve always got the best haunted house on the block. Your porch is filled with Halloween home décor, your yard’s filled with a whole poseable skeleton family… fog machines, Halloween lights, animatronics, you know how to create spooky fun for everyone. And makes it easy!
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It creeps up on us each year! One minute, we're sipping some lemonade in the sun, the next minute, pumpkin spice fills the air and orange leaves sneak onto the trees. Yep, that means that Halloween is just around the corner. You need to brainstorm some brand new Halloween decoration ideas to get the home ready for the season!

It can be tons of fun, but if you're trying to round up some decorations in a time crunch, it can get a little bit stressful. But don't worry. We've crafted one a selection of the best Halloween decorations on the web, so you'll be able to find everything you need right here.

First, you may want to narrow your ideas down to a single theme. That will make choosing your Halloween home decor selections much easier! One of the most common choices for your them is going full-on scary this year. You can fill your home with our life size posable skeleton decorations to add a touch of the macabre to your living room, or add one of our fog machines to your garage to turn it into a convincing haunted house.

Add some Halloween animatronics and some Halloween lights, and you might even be able to turn your home into a frightening experience that will freak out even the bravest of Halloween fans.

Of course, filling your home with scary Halloween decorations isn't the only them to choose. Another one of our favorite decor themes is to really embrace the fall themes of the season. If that sounds enticing, then you're going to want plenty of our pumpkin decor. You can go for the classic Jack-o-Lantern style pumpkins or use some of our more Autumn themed Halloween pumpkin decorations to turn your house into a harvest Halloween.

If you have young kids, they might be more excited by something with a cute aesthetic! They might not want to see Halloween skeletons around every corner, but that's not a problem at all! We carry a ton of options to create a cute Halloween theme this year. Our inflatable Halloween decorations add cute style to your home in a BIG way.

Many of our inflatables grow to some enormous sizes and are just one of our many great options for outdoor Halloween decorations. Pair that with some of our Halloween door decorations and you'll have a look extra inviting to all of the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

Looking for some Halloween party decoration ideas? Well, our indoor Halloween decorations are a great place to start. Lighting, sculptures, and wall hangers can turn any room into an instant Halloween hangout spot!

It's easy to see why our selection of Halloween house decorations is one of the best on the web! All you have to do is peruse our selection with your own theme in mind, and we're sure you'll come up with a style that will turn your house into a memorable Halloween experience for all of your guests! How To

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Letting the neighbourhood know that you’re ready for Halloween can take as much or as little effort as you’d prefer. A themed wreath hung on your front door or a string of orange lights sparkling behind the windows can do the trick. But you could also build a graveyard in the garden, full of skulls and moaning ghouls. You can even choose to turn your home into a haunted mansion that even visiting monsters want to escape. Not sure where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll find our selection of Halloween decorations is ready to bring all your spookier ideas to life. And after reading this short guide, you’ll have Halloween decorating ideas to last you through this year and for Halloween celebrations to come. So whether you’re throwing the Halloween party of the century, welcoming trick-or-treaters, or bringing your friends together for an evening of scary movies and matching costumes, we’ll help you get the house decorated for all the Halloween fun!

Halloween Home Décor

When you’re inviting friends over for a Halloween party, we know you’ll want to create the right atmosphere. Will you go for creepy or charming? Do you want your guests to enter an ancient and evil castle or a playful Halloween-themed flat? Should passing trick-or-treaters feel nervous before ringing the bell or perfectly at ease? Either way, the feeling comes down to your decoration. From how visitors are greeted at the door to the display on the dining table, having the right amount of Halloween party decorations can make all the difference. While you look through our selection, you’re sure to find the Halloween decoration that sparks your sense of holiday style or completes the spectacular arrangement you’ve been dreaming of for months! Continue reading to learn more about some of our favourite ways to turn a home into a Halloween masterpiece that’s ready for every costumed partier and rascally trick-or-treater!

Halloween Door Decorations

Halloween Door Decorations

Put your best Halloween façade forward with a decorated entryway! When visitors are greeted with the likes of this feathery wreath or a welcome mat, they’re sure to know what Halloween horrors are waiting inside! Set a relaxed tone for trick-or-treaters outdoors with cheerful jack-o-lanterns and bright orange pumpkins. Get your friends ready for the mood of your witch and wizard-themed costume party with a doorbell that seems a little shifty-eyed or a sign that warns of nearby zombies. A display for the front of your home is really a door to countless possibilities!

Halloween Window Decorations

Halloween Window Decorations

If eyes are the window to the soul, what does that say about windows and houses? Okay, the idea may not be very original but we’re going with it! Because especially when Halloween rolls around, the way you decorate your windows can show a lot about what’s going on behind the glass. Board up the windows with these fake-blood stained panels to imply your house has been left abandoned for the ghosts and ghouls to overrun. Show shadowy handprints and zombies with their mouths agape to strike fear into trick-or-treaters when they step up to hammer on the door—they’re sure to question who’s doing the trick-or-treating this year. Whether you set a festive candle on the sill or hang distressed curtains, your Halloween feelings will be revealed in the windows!

Halloween Table Decorations

Halloween Table Decorations

Spruce up the tables and surfaces for Halloween as well! For your costume party, pick out cups that turn sipping guests into vampires. Or transform your favourite jelly into a terrifying treat shaped like a brain that every visiting zombie will love to taste. Set the table with a creepy-crawly cloth. Add this antique phone to take a call from beyond or these spell books that are just aching to release their magic on unsuspecting nibblers. Create a scene around your dinner that brings your guests to a haunted world or keep things light and festive with the cheerier pumpkins and colours of Halloween. Whether you’re serving a multi-course feast or just offering a bowl of punch, our collection of table decorations will really welcome the Halloween spirit to your meal!

Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights

Bring a flickering glow to your autumnal celebrations with Halloween lights. From these glittering flameless candles to this vintage lantern, we have a lighting option that’s perfect for you! Keep things simple with wax candles that match your themed costumes and Halloween decorations. Mix up your regular décor with unique lights that look better suited for a crypt than your comfortable flat. Make your home sparkle with shaped twinkle-lights. Or get your Halloween party guests dancing with strobe lights and black lights that will turn your home into a nightclub. It’s perfect for turning every disco costume into something even more fantastic and wild!

Scary Halloween Decorations

In the beginning, fires and costumes that turned villagers into angels and devils were thought to keep each home protected from foul spirits during the dark winter months. If dressing up once a year on Halloween could keep the demons away, getting the house outfitted in its own scary ensemble should work even better, right? Tap into the spooky but clever tradition of Halloween scares with indoor and outdoor decorations that are sure to ward off any unwanted visitors. Choose from grand displays of decay or create an elaborate exhibition that starts somewhere simple. Whether you want to frighten guests with a DIY haunted house or spook a spook right back to the afterlife, you’ll find the scary Halloween decoration that fits your need. From skeletons to spiders and disembodied voices to shaking spectres, read on to learn more about some of the classic creeps we have available for you!

Skeleton Decorations

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

You can’t find many options that are more classically scary than a skeleton. From skull to spare bone and from skeletal person to animal, the dried, cracked, and hollow look of a skeleton is simply creepy. Add the clanking characters to your décor to upgrade giggles to shrieks! Leave the skeletons outdoors to guard your home. When passersby see the likes of this Jack Sparrow turned into his own jolly roger, they’ll know they approach a formidable adobe. Or arrange a bookshelf with skeleton specimens from all manners and periods of life, like a shrunken dinosaur skull reduced to holding candy or a petrified snake that still looks ready to strike. If they do, we’re sure it’ll inject an extra dose of fear into your Halloween celebrations.

Spider Decorations

Spider Halloween Home Decor

Arachnophobia is the #1 phobia in the world. Every household has at least one member who screams to be rescued from the eight-legged beast and another who will happily squish or release each crawling critter. So if you’re looking to increase the fear-factor on your Halloween decorations, spiders are a sure-fire way to terrify at least half of your guests. Fill a room with clingy gossamer webs covered in little plastic spiders. Or turn your garden into a spider’s den with meters of webbing like a great trap. Then add this Giant 36" Jumping Spider made of nightmare fuel. You’ll be ready to send spiders streaming up your walls and skittering across the ceiling when you shop our selection of Halloween spiders!

Spooky Animated Halloween Props

Animated Halloween Props

Have you ever sat alone in your house and heard the floorboards creak? What about that slightly-open cupboard that closed when no one was near? Does your skin crawl when you catch unexpected movement out of the corner of your eye? Bring that goose-flesh causing sensation to your Halloween decorations with animatronic décor! Go subtle with this spellbook that records its own notes. Get ambitious with animated dolls that react to the motion around them. Or get the entire house moving with a whole host of cackling, shaking, and wide-eyed watching decorations. Whatever you decide, when you shop our selection of animatronics, scary is par for the course.

Hanging Halloween Decorations

Hanging Scary Halloween Decorations

Spectres don’t walk across a floor. They glide through the air to pursue their screaming audience. Shadows don’t flicker from a stationary sconce, but they create quite the effect when cast by a swinging chandelier of skulls. Create your haunting spectacle with hanging decorations! Set a hanging witch to howl down the hall or a creeping clown to check in on your gathering of jesters through the front window. By extending your Halloween decorations to the ceiling, trees, and everywhere in between, you have the option to create new layers of holiday terror. Whether you choose moth-eaten curtains and dull yellow lights or moaning ghosts and the noose that made them, the surprises you hang around every corner are sure to turn your home into a truly haunting house.

Halloween Yard Props

Decorating the inside of your home lets you transform your cosy sitting room into a chamber of terror or your tidy dining room into a flashy dancehall. Decorating the outdoors, however, introduces an entirely separate world of opportunities! Using everything from small Halloween props to elaborate webs to hilarious inflatables that match your inflatable costumes, you can turn your lawn into a spooky delight! Stick bones in the ground and release the grim reaper from their grave or send witches flying through your garden and fog creeping across the front steps. Whatever gruesome or whimsical illusion you wish to create can start when you shop our collection of outdoor Halloween decorations! Go big or keep it simple, either way you’ll be set for a Halloween you won’t soon forget. Not sure where to start? Check out our write-up detailing a couple of our favourite ways to turn the yard into something so much more!

Graveyard Decoration Ideas

Halloween Graveyard Decoration Ideas

Is there anything spookier than a cemetery on Halloween? Whether ghouls turn up for a midnight stroll or stick in their graves, the low hanging fog and chill in the wind can stir up every feeling of dismay. Recreate that sinking feeling for your yard with products from our selection. Start with this traditional set of tombstones to build your freshly dug gravesites. Add bone-shaped props that claw the ground while they climb to join the Halloween fun. Stir up trouble with this little coven of witches that are ready to circle around a bubbling cauldron. And send your own mist through the mess of grave markers and mischief-makers with a fog machine. When you’ve staged the scene just right, you’ll have the graveyard that ghosts long to haunt!

Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Inflatable Halloween Decorations

If you’re looking for funny outdoor Halloween decorations, an inflatable is the perfect choice! Even a larger-than-life black widow doesn’t look so intimidating when you know she’s just full of hot air. Create a gathering of aliens or childlike characters like this inflatable crouching skeleton dragon that looks more than ready for a trick-or-treating trip. Set up your costume party outdoors, around a cooler that’s a part of your inflatable décor! Or fill that cooler up with candy galore and let trick-or-treaters grab a sweet while you keep the fun going behind your decorated front door! With an inflatable on the lawn, your Halloween home will stand out for sure, and your spirit for the holiday will be impossible to miss!

Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

Around Halloween, pumpkins seem to serve no other purpose than being carved up, cleaned out, and lit as jack-o-lanterns. But with or without a grin or grimace, the colourful gourds are a wonderful autumnal decoration! Searching through our collection of pumpkin decorations will reveal a variety of ways to bring the now-classic veg to your Halloween display! Grab a carving kit to get the children involved—jack-o-lanterns make great Halloween decorations for kids to help create. Choose from our pre-carved jacks to save time before the big night. Or skip the carving all together with a selection of pumpkins in teal, <ahref="">green, white, and orange that make an impression without the mess. Let the grinning gourds come inside with decorative baubles and festive kitchenware. Keep your decorating affordable with reusable plastic pumpkins and clever lawn bags that turn waste into décor without looking like cheap Halloween decorations. Indoors, outdoors, and however you’d like, pumpkins are the Halloween decoration to cap off your Halloween experience! Monster