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Historical Costumes

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It's time to head back in time! Perfect for plays, reenactments, and anyone who likes living in the past, these historical costumes come in various sizes and styles to help you look like your favorite figures in history. From Renaissance costumes to ancient Greek outfits, you can find a look that takes anywhere in time! Find a variety of historical women's costumes and even historical figure costumes for men!
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The thing about history is, there's a lot of it! If you want to travel back in space and time to a different place and era, you have a lot of options. Medieval or Renaissance Europe. Ancient Egypt. Prehistory. Ancient Greece or Rome. The American frontier or old south. Victorian England. Pretty much you-name-it! You can become a specific historic figure such as Cleopatra, Benjamin Franklin, or Julius Caesar. Or you can be a generic medieval knight, Greek goddess or Renaissance maiden. 

Renaissance festivals or costume parties are the perfect places to show off one of our historical costumes. If you're going to play a specific historic or literary figure such as Queen Elizabeth I, find a picture of the person to see what kind of clothing he or she actually wore. That will make it easier to select a historical costume that will give you an authentic look. Once you've picked your costume, learn about your character. If your character is a literary figure, read the literature. For a Shakespearean character, for example, perhaps memorize a few lines from the play. For a historic person, find something that the person wrote, or a transcription of a speech she or he gave. Many kept diaries or journals, and everyone wrote letters in the days before computers, the internet, and email.

If you're playing a generic character, learn a bit about the era you want to portray. Find pictures of historic figures of the day to get a sense of the authentic style. Historical novels are a good way to learn about the lives of ordinary people and how they spoke and behaved. For example, a medieval tavern keeper and his family would dress and behave differently than a knight and his family.

We have many costumes that cover a large part of human history. Search through our medieval clothing and renaissance costumes to find your perfect historical outfit. Even if you hated history in school, we're sure you'll find a historical costume to love! Monster