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Kenny Powers Costumes

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"I play real sports, not try to be the best at exercising."

Not many people have the nerve to use obscenities while bragging about their legendary baseball skills. Not many people could walk around referring to others in ways that offended their race or religion. Few would want to. But that's because not many people can claim to be Kenny Powers.

Whether teaching at Franklin Middle School, hiding out in Mexico or playing for the Myrtle Beach Mermen, Kenny always remained true to his truly offensive nature. While his ego may have been the primary cause of most of his bad decisions, it was also the reason people couldn't get enough of this outrageous character. If you'd like to channel a little bit of Kenny's personality (we don't really recommend this) or if you'd just like to show others that you're a fan of Eastbound and Down, a Kenny Powers jersey, hat or wig might just be what you're looking for.