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Monsters have always been a part of our culture. Sometimes they're scary creatures lurking in closets and under beds. Didn't you have your parents check for and banish monsters at bedtime? Other times, monsters are friendly, furry, and curious creatures that add whimsy to our world. We have delightful, sassy and sexy monster costumes that will inspire smiles instead of screams! Why keep your inner monster locked inside when you can let it shine in one of our colorful deluxe monster costumes? 

We have monster costumes to suit almost any style. Many of them feature furry tails or tassels that sway when you move, giving them a fun and eye-catching dynamic. Find your favorite color--our costumes cover the entire spectrum! We have generic monsters that let you create your own character. We also have licensed character monsters from Sesame Street, Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University. And they come in sizes and styles for the whole family.

Once you've chosen your costume, act the part! Practice a good scary roar, or a funny giggle. Be as frightful or as friendly as you choose. You might also want to practice popping out from behind doors to scare people. If you've chosen a licensed character costume, learn that character's catch phrases and use them.

Only monsters can be scary, cute and fun-loving all at the same time! Cookie Monster charmed a generation on Sesame Street, the monsters of Monsters Inc. and Monsters University kept the tradition going. Now you can wear one of our furry costumes to be your own monster. Here at you can find a monster costume that fits your style! Monster