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Plo Koon Costumes

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Plo Koon's unique appearance is a combination of his Kel Dor species and his antiox breath mask. His homeworld was unique in that it's atmosphere contained very low levels of oxygen. Whenever he was abroad he had to wear his mask to inhale the amount of oxygen that he was physiologically accustomed to. Being born to a force strong family, Plo's sensitivity allowed him to be sent to Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi at a very young age.

Upon the death of his master, Plo was awarded the seat on the Jedi High Council. He would go on to be an integral member of the Council during the Clone Wars becoming a Jedi General and fighting in important battles like Geonosis and Kaliida Shoals. He was a valued friend to many of his Jedi peers and he was an accomplished Starfigther pilot. These skills would served him well throughout the Clone Wars.

We have basic and deluxe Plo Koon costumes available in both child and adult sizes. The unique alien appearance will be perfect for any costumed event! Our wide selection of other Star Wars character costumes would make a great group outfit. Just don't forget the lightsabers!

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