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Priest Costumes

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The Catholic religion goes back more than two Milena, making it one of the world's oldest enduring religions. Whether taking on criticism or inspiring congregations, priests and nuns have had a major impact on their communities worldwide.


Our priest costumes come in a variety of style. Our realistic priest outfits typically come with long black robes, and, of course, the white and black collar. They are made to look just like the real thing you'd see a priest wearing in a real cathedral. We also have funny, irreverent priest costumes that will feature an uncommon yet funny take on the religious figure. If you're looking for a couples costume idea, be sure to check out our nun costumes as well for a look that is truly 'divinely' inspired.


No matter which look you want, funny or realistic, our priest costumes will have everyone talking to you about their sins and triumphs alike.