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Rainbow Brite Costumes

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Bring extra color with you wherever you go, after all that is what Rainbow Brite loves to do best! Without her help and the help of her friends the Color Kids the world would be a very gloomy place, lacking color and happiness. Murky Dismal and Lurky would like nothing better than for this to be the case. But with your Color Belt and the Color Crystals mined by the Sprites you'll make sure the entire universe has plenty of color!

In addition to wearing a Rainbow Brite costume, there are some additional actions you can take to be more like this special girl. You need to have courage, and take advantage of opportunities to spread friendship and happiness. When you see a gloomy face, smile at them! Sing them a song! As you spread your cheer and hope, you'll be carrying on Rainbow Brite's legacy.  

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