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Snagging a Rainbow Brite costume for a woman, teenager, child or toddler from Rainbow Land would be nearly impossible, (since technically, Rainbow Land doesn’t exist), but you can find what you’re looking for right here on Our selection of Rainbow Brite and Sprite costumes come with everything needed to transform into the always-optimistic cartoon character from the 80’s. Like the animated cartoon, all of our Rainbow Brite costumes and accessories are extremely colorful and cheery. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when wearing one. Go ahead, give it a try!

One of our most popular 80’s costumes, Rainbow Brite is the epitome of delightful nostalgia. She’s always on a mission to make the world a brighter and lighter place, casting the darkness away and replacing it with smiles, laughs and optimism. Embodying her doesn’t just entail a cheerful disposition, but it also means a high-quality costume that’s worthy of a costume competition trophy. Those who watched the cartoon in their childhood can disguise themselves in our adult-sized costume, available in a plus size as well. Comprised of a royal blue dress adorned with a rainbow (of course), the costume is accented by multi-colored sleeves and matching leg warmers.

If you’re a parent, your little one can become Rainbow Brite’s perfect accessory. We have Rainbow Brite costumes for toddlers so your bundle of joy can be disguised as a white, fluffy Sprite, Rainbow Brite's BFF. The officially licensed, high-quality Made by Us costume consists of a bubble suit with hood and an attached belt. It’s adorable and cuddly so your tiny Sprite stays warm while acting as your small sidekick, Twink. The puffy shirt and leggings complete the costume. Now your little boy or girl is ready to spread cheer wherever they go!

Constructing Rainbow Brite costumes for kids is simple as long as a few key accessories are in place. As long as you have a blue dress, we can supply the other essentials. Pick up a pair of rainbow leggings add a pop of must-needed color to accent the blue dress. We sell stretchy, comfortable, colorful leggings in order to make that happen. Also, the Sprite purse can be added to accentuate the costume.  The cross-body style handbag features the white fuzz-ball Sprite and a full zipper so it can hold small essentials like a cell phone and keys. This Rainbow Brite accessory is so cute, you’ll want to wear it all the time, not just for Halloween.

We want to hear all about your Rainbow Brite experience so leave a product review on whichever costume you decide on. In fact, attach a picture so we can see your complete look for ourselves. Want to see more Made by Us Rainbow Brite character costumes? Let us know in the comment section because we want to give you everything you want! Monster