Saturday Night Fever Costumes

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Still have your 8-track player around? Why don't you bust it out and put on your favorite Bee Gees record? It's one of the best soundtracks of all time. Now all you need are some cans of paint in your hands and a sassy strut down the boulevard like Tony Manero. It's easy to see why a man would want to be like the Disco King, Tony. He's quite the stud. Whenever he enters the Odyssey, the ladies swarm him, begging him for a dance out on the flashing dancefloor. 

 Now you can have Tony's style but you'll have to provide your own dance moves. We suggest that you carefully examine John Travolta's performance in Saturday Night Live in order to achieve his suave moves. We can definitley supply you with everything you need to look like The King of Disco. We sell the iconic white suit and platform shoes. We also sell the wig so you can have Travolta's perfect coiffed hair-do! You'll catch 'night fever' for sure when your dressed in a one of these Saturday Night Fever Costumes.