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Spy vs Spy Costumes

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Were you a fan of Mad magazine growing up and later watched the hysterical antics on MADtv? If so, you would know exactly who Black Spy and White Spy are! They are always up to something whether it be building bombs to blow one another up or digging holes to entrap each other, these spies are usually up to no good!

Now the popular comic can be seen on Comedy Central as a claymation! This year for Halloween you and your best buddy can dress up as the duo and play tricks on each other all night long. Wouldn't it be fun trying to scare one another on the creepiest night of the year. You and your buddy will have to battle over who will be Black Spy and who will be White Spy. Complete your costume with our coordinating accessory kits. You'll be ready to make your own plans to sabotage each other in these funny costumes that everyone can easily recognize!