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Picture this. Giant Sentinels roaming the broken down streets. They blast anyone down who doesn't fit their idea of what humanity should be. If you're a little bit different than normal people, they might just blast you to ashes because they think you're a mutant. If you wear any kind of spandex superhero suit, you're definitely going to get blasted. It's a future we're not too thrilled about...and a future that Charles Xavier and the X-Men have been fighting to stop for decades! If only there was some way you could help out...

Believe it or not, there is! It starts with one of our X-Men costumes. You don't need to have some kind of freaky healing factor to wear Wolverine's suit and you don't need to be able to control the weather like Storm in order to dress up in her signature gear. You don't even need to be able to transform your skin into metal like Colossus (although we have to admit, that would be pretty cool). All of our costumes and accessories work, whether or not you actually have super powers, so you can wear them while partying, or fighting crime. We think your deeds will help make the mutants more accepted as the awesome day-saving people they are!

From hoodies, to muscle chest suits and from Cajun to Cannuck, it's easy to get the kind of look that fights the evils of anti-mutant sentiments here. If you think looks alone won't do the trick, you can always upgrade your look to include a set of Wolverine claws. It would probably make Stan Lee proud if you did!