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Elephant Costumes

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Being an elephant means a lot of things. Number one, you can squash anything that gets in your way. Number two, you never forget anything. Ever. Number three, you can squash stuff under your feet. Did we already mention that, because it’s cool enough to mention twice? You can also be a symbol for the U.S. Republican Party. Elephants really just know how to do it all!

Search through our selection of toddler and baby elephant costumes for any upcoming photoshoots. Set up a circus theme and you can dress up your kids in the cutest elephant suits just like Dumbo!

We can’t guarantee that you can squash anything and we can’t guarantee that your memory problems will fade away, but with one of our Elephant costumes, you’re going to have a great time at any party. Whether you’re stealing all the peanuts, causing a racket with all your trumpeting or doings some fancy painting like those artsy elephants in Asia.