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Gorilla Costumes

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Gorillas have got it made! Ever since King Kong (1933), gorillas have been a media staple. Whether they're throwing barrels at plumbers like Donkey Kong, capturing our hearts like in Gorillas in the Mist (1988), or causing mayhem like in Congo (1995), we just can't get enough of these furry primates—there's even a music band named Gorillaz. Here at, we love gorillas too, which is why we bring you a gorilla costume for any occasion.


If you like to go ape, then you won't find a better place to get the perfect gorilla costume. We carry adult gorilla costumes, teen gorilla costumes and even infant and baby gorilla costumes. We even have the perfect gorilla costume for women who love King Kong. If you feel like going bananas you can pair your gorilla costume up with one of our banana costume for a funny duo, or if you only feel like an ape from the neck up, you can wear one of our realistic gorilla masks. We even carry funny gorilla costumes, like our pink gorilla suit and our baby gorilla arm puppet.


Our adult gorilla costume features realistic details that will make everyone think you escaped from the zoo and make it the perfect costume for scaring your friends and family. Our adorable childrens gorilla costume turns your child into the cutest little animal around and if you're a gamer, then our Donkey Kong gorilla costume t-shirt will turn you into the center of attention. Just be sure to stock up on your supply of bananas—no matter which gorilla costume you decide to wear, you'll be going ape without them!