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Hasbro Halloween Costumes

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Mr / Mrs Potato Head Plus Size Costume
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Adult Green Ranger Helmet
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Adult Red Ranger Helmet
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We love toys! It's sort of tough NOT to love them. From the days when we're just tiny tots, scuttling around on the floor all the way to adulthood, toys provide us all with the unique opportunity to explore our imagination, while having tons of fun in the process. Sure, the kinds of toys we play with may have changed over the years, but some of them will always hold a special place in our hearts... *sniff*... sorry, it just makes us tear up a little bit when we think about all of the great toys we've had over the years! Of course, you can't talk about toys without mentioning Hasbro! They're one of the biggest names in fun since 1923! They brought us the classic board games that we all played with our family, like Monopoly. They've brought new favorites, like PJ Masks and My Litte Pony. And, one of our personal favorites, Transformers. Yes, Hasbro has really brought us some legendary toys and now, we're bringing you some legendary Hasbro Halloween costumes based on those toys!

We carry an awesome selection of Hasbro costumes based on your favorite toys and licenses. For starters, we have to talk about our selection of PJ Masks Halloween costumes. We carry all of the hottest PJ Mask Costumes that your child loves. Whether they want to save the day in one of our licensed PJ Masks Catboy Costumes or they want to head out trick-or-treating in one of our PJ Masks Gekko Costumes, your child will find the look they need to become their favorite characters. And what if you're an adult fan? No worries! You can just dress up in an Adult Owlette Costume to join your little ones for all of the fun.

What about something a little more... retro? How about one of our Transformer Halloween costumes? We've loved the Transformers ever since the 80s cartoons, so it's pretty natural that we'd want to have a great variety of costumes based on the series. We carry plenty of kid's Transformer costumes, including a Transformer costume that transforms, just like in the show. One of our most popular styles for kids has to be our Bumblebee Transformer Costume, which helps your child turn into the bright yellow racer. If you're a long-time fan of the cartoon like us, then you'll be satisfied with any one of our Adult Transformer Costumes.

And then, there's My Little Pony! MLP has been around since the 80s and recently hit a second wind with a glorious cartoon series. Well, we took notice and made sure to bring in My Little Pony Costumes for fans. We started with a selection of Rainbow Dash costumes, but you can totally find other options for My Little Pony Halloween costumes that are fun for trick-or-treating or cosplay!

Last, but certainly not least, we carry a plethora of Power Rangers cosplay options! Whether you're just looking for a simple Power Rangers Halloween costume, or you want to get the whole team together to battle against Rita Repulsa, you can find some awesome options for both adults and children. No power coin necessary!

If you love toys, then our Hasbro costumes will be the perfect outfit to help you get into fun-mode. Halloween, cosplay, or just some good old-fashioned playtime in the backyard, these are the costumes you need!