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Pandas have that magical quality of being captivating, no matter what they're doing. The average panda bear spends most of his day plopped down in a nice patch of grass while munching on some bamboo. They're about as active as your kitchen table, but for some reason, everyone is spellbound by the creature. Now, imagine if you could harness that power into an outfit...

Stop imagining, because we already did it for you! We've got panda costumes for adults, kids and infants right here. We even have a sexy panda costume that combines your innate sexiness with the adorable nature of the panda for a look that no one can resist. But those aren't the only kinds of pandas we have here. Let's say your kid wants to be a panda martial arts master. Then we'll get him all set up in one of our Kung Fu Panda costumes and he can show off his moves (even if they aren't as cool as Po's).

Whichever kind of panda you decide to go as, there's one thing you can be sure of. The power of the panda will be with you! Also, bamboo shoots seem to taste better when you wear these costumes...we're not sure why.